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December 2018 Update

Team Maanch
December 21, 2018

Warm festive greetings from Team Maanch!

We’re delighted to share our last update of 2018 with our fast-growing community. It seems completely unfathomable that in 8 months, Maanch has grown from an idea to a buzzing team of 14. We have compiled this newsletter with all the energy that we hope to bring into 2019.

Endorsement from the President of Malta

–  We were exhilarated by the response of the President of Malta, H.E. Marie Louise Coleiro-Preca, following her keynote address at our event on 14th November. Her testimonial on our capacity to create real change through our work serves as an ongoing inspiration to our team.

Each and every one of us is to act boldly, to demand strategies of global social inclusion; to address the inequalities that continue to hinder our progress towards more inclusive and peace-affirming societies; and to focus on approaches for sustainable development, so as to ensure more resilient communities. I am confident that the Maanch platform has the potential to help in addressing these concerns.

–  We are pleased to share a video of the event, and how we hope to mobilise the community through 2019, here:

–  We are putting the finishing touches on the platform and will be going live for Receiver Onboarding beginning January.

To register your interest for future events or using Maanch as a Receiver or Funder, please email info@maanch.com

Maanch Stories: Our take on the twelve days of Christmas

It will be 2019 before you hear from us again, and we thought we’d end this year on a festive, but focused note! We have collated some of the most interesting stats on global progress, and the urgency with which we need to act for a sustainable future, from recent months.

Cisco aims to positively impact

1 Billion people by

2 times as many

women are
illiterate than men worldwide

Last Mile have saved

3 Million people

from Ebola in Liberia since 2014

4 Billion hectares

Of forest remain worldwide –
maintaining them is key to
the SDGS

5 out of the top 100

Most sustainable
corporations in the world are
based in Brazil

6 Examples

artisans, Of how B Corps
are supporting preserving the culture

and producing sustainable products

7 Workshops / Events

Have been held in 2018
to introduce to our community

8 Million tonnes

Of waste plastic
end up in the sea every year

9 out of the top 10

Sustainable cities are in Europe,
from a citizen perspective

10 Billion people

Will inhabit the earth by
2050, but how will we feed them?

11 Percent of children

worldwide are considered
to be child labourers

We have 12 years left

To achieve the UN SDGs.
Join our movement here.

Have a wonderful and restful festive season, and we look forward to catching up in 2019!

Team Maanch

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