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Introducing Maanch

Team Maanch
February 14, 2019

Maanch was founded in 2018 by Darshita Gillies as a service for Receivers (Charities, NGOs, Social Enterprises and Social Impact Businesses) to raise funds from Funders aligned to their cause, and for Funders (Philanthropists, Impact Investors, Grant Makers and Businesses) to develop, understand and transform their high-impact philanthropy. By leveraging the power of technology we have built the first global impact platform designed to facilitate funding to worthy projects using the lens of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Impact and data-driven decision making is of central importance to us. We use the SDGs as a universally applicable framework by which Receivers can align their impact on a global level, and Funders can strategically structure their giving using an objective set of metrics to compare global projects aligned to their values.

What do we offer?

Impact measurement

Our Maanch Metrics auto-generate the impact of each Receiver project using our complex algorithms. This impact measurement gives a standardised way for Receivers to relate each project with global progress towards the SDGs, and for Funders to review each project’s impact to ensure it is aligned with their high-impact goals and values when deciding how to allocate their funding. To learn more about our Maanch Metrics click here .

Intelligent matchmaking

Maanch’s algorithms generate greater visibility for worthy projects through intelligent matchmaking between Funder and Receiver. We’re building a thriving marketplace for SDG based collaboration, where  a high impact giving experience is available on one intuitive global platform. Using an easy and accessible search function, where projects are displayed by geography, topic, or impact area, Funders can immediately see the critical impact projection data which influences strategic giving.

An SDG lens

The 17 SDGs provide us with a universally applicable framework within which we can direct the flow of funds to projects that are most worthy of funding, and which will move the needle on global sustainable development. They have an underlying base metric which places equal importance on people, planet, prosperity, partnership and peace – without an equal focus on all of these pillars which interconnect the goals, we won’t achieve the sustainable development we are working towards. All projects live on Maanch have an SDG profile showing both Receivers and Funders the SDGs that will be achieved through successful funding.

A global community of changemakers

We’re building much more than a high impact philanthropy service – we’re building a global community that are as committed to positive social change as we are. We really understand how critical collaboration is to achieving the SDGs by 2030, between countries, governments, businesses, the third sector, philanthropists and civil society. Through integration between all groups, we can direct our resource, funds and networks in the most effective and impactful way to create real, lasting change. Through online, events, social and partnerships we want to act as a catalyst for the community to achieve global sustainable development, and we welcome anyone who shares our values and vision to join us on the journey.

Join us!

Maanch is now live for all Receivers registered in the UK. To start on-boarding click here.

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