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5 Top Tips for Successful Project Creation

Mishelle Brito
December 2, 2019

Thank you for registering your organisation with Maanch platform! We are delighted to have you join us in creating a positive impact around the world! Once you have completed your organisational profile, the next step is to publish your project & start getting funded. We’ve created some helpful tips to help guide you through this process, maximising your potential in achieving your funding goals!

1. Build a powerful message: (Project Creation – Step 1)

Be sure to add a meaningful photo & video and a supporting document to your project information profiles. Telling a story that gives your funders essential information, context, and an emotional connection to your project is key.  Human centered images especially draw attention to your projects when your potential funders search on the platform. *Please keep in mind we support PNG & JPEG files up to 1MB, we recommend an image size of: 1200px x 500px.

A short video can help explain your project goals in the most effective and unique way. Any supporting documents will help funders to learn more about your organisation and project needs. 

2. Broaden your scope: (Project Creation – Step 2)

Project Topics and Actions are the initial data points Maanch will use to build impact projection metrics for your project. Please select all topics your project covers and the corresponding action you will take to address it. The actions have been listed to help us understand the approach you are adopting to achieve the desired impact. This data will also help funders to find the most aligned projects with their interests and values, therefore, it is crucial to specify all areas that are relevant and applicable to your project. 

3. Measure your impact: (Project Creation – Step 2)

Most funders want to know how you plan to measure the immediate, short term and long term impact of your project. Providing coprehensive metrics demonstrates to funders how meaningful it will be to support your project. 

4. Demonstrate financial logic: (Project Creation – Step 3)

We recognise that different types of organisations have different resource and spending requirements. Accurate financial details will provide transparency for your funders and give them  a full picture of how their participation and contributions will impact overall project goals.

Besides the full project budget, the project preview page gives funders an understanding of how you allocate costs for your project through two auto-generated ‘Financial Ratios’:

Direct Commitment Ratio – direct expenses as a proportion of the total project budget Project to Organisation Size Ratio – total project budget as a proportion of your total annual income, which is stated in your organisational profile. 

Project to Organisation Size Ratio – total project budget as a proportion of your total annual income, which is stated in your organisational profile.

5. Make It Easy to Give: (Project Creation – Step 3)

It is always helpful to give funders an example of how they can directly financially impact your project needs. Provide examples of how different levels of funding will contribute to your projects success. For example: £100 will fund 4 nights of safe shelter for a homeless person.  It is important to remember when demonstrating the impact in £ to feature a range of low, mid, and high cost allocation examples in order to show various levels of funding options for your funders. You can provide up to 5 examples for various funding amounts on your profile. 

Final Words

In addition to a complete project information page, we also encourage you to build a strong organisational profile. It is important to include a detailed profile as potential funders tend to do research on the organisation behind each project. Make your organisation a winner, by including your vision & mission, aims & objectives, and awards building your funders knowledge & trust for your organisation.

Once you submit your project, we will review & and publish it within a few days, so please remember to have your organisational profile complete including your payment details. Only UK registered charities that have submitted and verified their payment details are enabled to raise funding online. Other organisational projects can be viewed but funding will be handled offline based on Funders interest.

We hope these tips will help get you off to a great start in creating and building your projects on our platform. For more guidance & examples, feel free to visit our live projects posted by other charities on Stay tuned for upcoming tips & information on how to successfully communicate your projects!

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