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The CoronaVirus Respond Fund

Mishelle Brito
March 20, 2020

We Rise By Lifting Others

We hope that you and your loved ones are doing well & keeping safe during this uncertain time. These are extraordinary and difficult times as we experience unprecedented stress on not just the healthcare systems but also our economy, politics and culture.

We at Maanch are here with you and for you.

We are rapidly responding to the current situation and engaging with the broader philanthropic community to develop a proactive, collaborative, and transparent approach to effect meaningful and inspired ACTION!

Maanch is rising to this global challenge:

1. We have launched The CoronaVirus Response Fund to support different initiatives run by organisations locally and globally to overcome the effect of CoronaVirus pandemic. 

2. Our thematic webinar series will bring the philanthropy ecosystem  stakeholders together to share challenges, ideas, & insights. Register now

3. Access essential resources and information related to the coronavirus outbreak. Follow our updates and receive valuable resources and information here.

Please connect with us via email if you have any questions suggestions on content you would like to see, or further ways you would like to engage with Maanch and the global impact community.

A personal note from Darshita, Founder & CEO Maanch:
“This is the time to rise above the natural human ‘fear’ response of self preservation to a ‘love’ response of breathing, caring, and sharing. “This storm will pass. The choices we make have the potential to change our lives for years to come. If we fall, it won’t be because we got pushed down but because we let go of each others hands.”

In Solidarity & Inspired Action,
Team Maanch 

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