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April Newsletter

Mishelle Brito
April 8, 2020

Together We Will Move Forward


We hope you & your loved ones are keeping well during this uncertain time. As a member of the Maanch network we want to express how much we appreciate your support! Now more than ever, your response matters.

All prior projects listed on our platform are still available for funding and we have extended their fundraising time.

We would also like to share that we’ve recently launched the Maanch Coronavirus Response Fund, in response to the pandemic and increasing demands of support from the third sector.

The Funds’ objective is to support the most impactful initiatives locally and globally to overcome the effect of the outbreak. 

Join us in finding solutions! 

Here are 3 ways you can make a difference today:

1. Your response mattersDonate now to the Coronavirus Response Fund to support those who have already been affected by coronavirus, prevent the epidemic expansion and build a more resilient future!

2. Spread the word! – Share information about our work & the Fund on social media, with friends, colleagues, other funders and networks!

Here is a message you can copy & share:

I support Maanch and their response efforts to the pandemic. Join me by spreading the word & donate to support immediate and long-term COVID-19 relief efforts:
#YourResponseMatters #MaanchCRF

3. Connect us with organisations – Do you know of a charity raising funds for Coronavirus relief? Please email us & tell us about their work!

Finally, a word from Darshita Gillies, Founder & CEO of Maanch:

The coronavirus pandemic is NOT the real challenge.
How we come together to solve the crisis IS our challenge.
As a team we are doing everything we can to help
coordinate the philanthropy sector’s response to this crisis.
Your support no matter how big or small matters!

In solidarity & Inspired Action,
Team Maanch

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