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October Newsletter

Vidhisha Masrani
October 13, 2020


I’m emotional and thrilled as I watch our Maanch family grow and flourish. Today, I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for being part of this ongoing journey, and also share our new look and strategy. We are expanding our platform to serve broader markets, and building tech solutions and dashboards to enable charities, social enterprises, funding bodies, corporates and investors to match, track and report on their impact.

With our rebrand, we want to reach and inspire people and institutions around the world to build back better and commit to impact towards achieving the UN SDGs. And with that commitment, I invite you to this month’s version of our newsletter focusing on SDG13: Climate Action. While staying true to our monthly goal of sharing insights, takeaways and actions on SDGs, in this version, we also have the Maanch feature by Nossa Capital, call for articles on Climate Action and more – all of this in a fresh new look! Hope you enjoy x

P.S. Check out the refreshed website!

Darshita Gillies, 
Founder & CEO, Maanch 

Latest update from the Global Response Dashboard

  • 303 projects have been submitted looking to raise £45,422,178 for global Covid-19 efforts from 46 countries with the potential to have an impact on over 209,997,675 lives
  • 791 projects that have already been funded by our funding partners for a total of £82.5M 
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In spotlight

Fighting food waste and food poverty across Greater Manchester

By: Emerge 3rs
Action: Aims to provide enough food for 7 million meals by 2020 based on 420g average meal portion as set by WRAP UK

Emergency Response: Climate Change and Plastic Pollution

By: Action Change
Action: Aims to educate and inspire young people about Ocean Conservation & Tackling our Carbon Footprint online and in-person

Blogs and features

Maanch: Accelerating Impact –
by Nossa Data 

The centrality of SDG 16 in the fight against modern slavery – How can your business make a difference?

What can we learn from Corporations committing to Climate Action: A Step-by-Step Guide to get started on your Climate Action Plan

Insights Corner: SDG13 Focus

How can your business or organisation take stock of its carbon emission, promote a business wide transition and embark on your own journey of Net Zero- phasing your key targets across the timeline? Let’s look at top brands like Coutts, UBP, Google, Uber and BCorp to help you get started on your climate action plan. Read more.

Share your voice

While multinationals, brands and nations all over the world are committing to climate action, we want to hear from you about your climate action plan for your organisation or charity, or a pressing piece with insights, data and your worldview on the topic.

Please submit your articles in 500-1000 words to and we will feature it on our blog, social media and upcoming newsletters.

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