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November Newsletter

Vidhisha Masrani
November 13, 2020


The SDGs were set in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly as a global measure to meet the world’s unmet needs by 2030. As we enter the last decade of action towards 2030, achieving the SDGs while contending with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic requires a renewed commitment of responsible stewardship of wealth and reallocation of capital. 
In this version of our newsletter, we are using the framework modelled on Kate Raworth’s ‘doughnut’ to propose an operational and mindset shift of capital and resource allocation to areas of maximum need and impact. 

These shifts in capital allocation by investors, foundations, philanthropists and businesses, from human and environmental harm towards a positive impact on people and our planet are needed to fund the SDGs. Check out the insights corner for the implications for your sector and do not miss our press section for some exciting developments! 

In spotlight

COVID-19 Response for the self-protection of Indigenous peoples in the Talamanca Rainforest

By: Love For Life E.v.
Action: Aims to provide long-term food security and health in the region of Talamanca, empowering community and enabling resilience.

Covid-19 Call to Action – Enabling handwashing among the world’s poorest communities

By: Sanitation First Limited
Action: Aims to provide a holistic and sustainable solution to address sanitation problems in India.

What is Doughnut Economics?

The central idea behind the model is for humanity to operate in the doughnut (the light green space) and not below the social foundation (in the hole) or above the ecological ceiling (space outside the doughnut). Striking this balance of placing us in this sweet spot is the focus as the world emerges from the pandemic and strives forward into a remedial path. Read more.

The Maanch Doughnut

The Maanch Doughnut commits to facilitating this capital reallocation from investors, foundations, philanthropists and businesses from human and environmental harm towards a positive impact on people and planet. The Maanch impact solution system is a small step into using data and technology to facilitate this global shift into the inclusive and sustainable space for humanity. Read more.

Insights Corner

The Doughnut For Business and Investors

Drawing inspiration from circular economy theory, the doughnut is a regenerative and distributive model, a set of design principles, a visual roadmap for businesses and investors to “do good” and “invest in the good.” While ESG investment strategies are often limited to operational risks and negative screening, the doughnut aligns with a positive screening approach. Read more.

Press & Announcements

Share your voice

While there are numerous impact management tools out there, we’d like to hear from you about the unique challenges you face in measuring, tracking and reporting for impact. Please write to us with your views at emma@maanch.com and we’d love to feature your thoughts on our blog or have a one-on-one conversation to help address your impact management issues.

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