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December Newsletter

Vidhisha Masrani
December 16, 2020


As this whirlwind of a year is coming to an end, we feel a sense of both chaos and harmony. Chaos is understandable, but harmony because for the first time in many years, the world has slowly but gradually decided to rise in collective impact action. Global movements like #buildbackbetter #blacklivesmatter, and increased emphasis around ESG, SDGs and impact accountability are testament to this transformation. Being the optimists we are, we realised this sense of urgency and responded with launching the Maanch Coronavirus Response Dashboard – a pilot in the world of collective giving. From rebranding to launching impact solutions for the private sector, we’ve done it all this year, albeit remotely. 

For this last newsletter of 2020, we are rounding up what the year looked like for us, sharing our latest blogs and press coverage, with a curated list of grants to look out for and more!

Thank you for taking this journey with us. We wish you a merry, if socially distanced, holiday season. See you in 2021 🙂 

In spotlight

Action: £13 will provide 1 portable solar light to share between 2-3 pupils, over up to 5 years

Scaling up impact in West Africa through mobile technology

By: The Haller Foundation

Action: £10 will provide one farmer with start-up seeds so they can begin farming organically and sustainably

For all non-profits: Grants to look out for

As charities make a final campaign run for the year, we at Maanch have curated a Christmas list of funding opportunities currently available. We hope you find these useful! Click here to view the list. 

Latest Press & Blogs

Stay in the know

Catch up on what’s going on in the impact ecosystem:

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