January Newsletter

AvatarVidhisha Masrani
January 15, 2021


2020 was not what any of us expected. Yet thinking back to where we were a year ago, it is incredible to see the increased awareness and adoption of various impact reporting standards.

Given the momentum around ESG, for this version of our newsletter, we have attempted to develop easy-to-grasp material addressing the evolution of ESG Legislation in the UK & Pathway to 2050 Net Zero. A summary of ESG Global Frameworks & Standard Setting Institutions to decode various impact frameworks and what they mean. We are also working on a comprehensive report on Demystifying the UK ESG Investing Ecosystem and are very excited to share it with you in the coming weeks! 

Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2021. Feel free to share this mail around 🙂 

We at Maanch are developing cutting-edge tech and dashboards with our products. M INVEST enables impact-centric decision making for investors and organisations. Reporting on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors has become a key area of focus for a variety of stakeholders in 2020, including regulators, government and the wider public (Source: KPMG). The findings from Standard Life’s latest bi-annual survey of 250 UK advisers, polled in October 2020, found more than two thirds (69%) think they are more likely to incorporate ESG into their investment approach in the future.

In spotlight

Covid-19 Food Provision Programme
By: MyTime

Action: Delivering the weekly food shopping to some of the most vulnerable young carers across Dorset and their families during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mitigating the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic Among South Africa’s Most Vulnerable Children and Families Pathways
By: Ubuntu Pathways

Action: Launched an Emergency COVID-19 Response Unit to provide life-saving medical, food security, and psychosocial support.

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While there are numerous impact management tools out there, we’d like to hear from you about the unique challenges you face in measuring, tracking and reporting for impact. Please write to us with your views at and we’d love to feature your thoughts on our blog or have a one-on-one conversation to help address your impact management issues.

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