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How a Coffee Company Measured their Impact with Maanch

By Team Maanch  |  
May 26, 2021  |  
3 minutes read

Caffé Carlito is a second generation family run coffee roasting business located in Ticino, Switzerland. They are the official supplier to the Michelin Guide. We first met the founders of Caffé Carlito in Davos. 

Unlike many companies that have rushed out their sustainability agenda, making sweeping, bold claims about their aims and plans, Caffé Carlito has been careful not to make promises without considering how they will make these a reality. This is connected to their ethos, which is authentic and transparent. 

It therefore makes sense that one of the first priorities Caffé Carlito had on its journey relates to transparency of its supply chain. Obviously, it’s not possible to grow coffee in Switzerland. Their product comes from different countries, different continents, and it’s important to Caffé Carlito to offer their clients a clear picture of where products come from, and the different touch points in the product journey.

We worked with Caffé Carlito to:

  • Map their stakeholders and the competitor landscape
  • Help them form lasting strategic partnerships
  • Take innovative steps to inform their customers, using blockchain
  • Source their product more transparently and directly
  • Ensure farmers in Brazil receive better prices for their efforts
  • Draft and agree their sustainability policy and KPIs
  • Start to communicate their impact effectively, using the
    UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework

There has been criticism of many companies that have cherry picked SDGs to focus on, where they feel they’re already making a positive impact. We help companies like Caffé Carlito to take a more holistic approach, obtaining an overview of their core business functions, obtaining a realistic measure and working towards a positive Net Societal Impact.

Hear from their CEO:

‘Caffè Carlito is committed to becoming a net positive impact business and Maanch is a crucial partner on our journey towards this goal. Maanch has helped us set ambitious but achievable goals, and supports us in understanding how and where we can improve our processes to make the most positive impact.’

Caffé Carlito commits to product excellence, creating shared value in the communities in which it operates, helping to facilitate opportunities for all its employees and delivering sustainable returns to shareholders. 

What really stands out for us about them is their motivation and keenness to integrate sustainability into their core business processes in a transparent and authentic way. For this reason, Caffé Carlito is an ideal client for us at Maanch. We are thrilled they have extended our contract to retain us for a further period. They are a true values fit and we are excited to continue to help them in leveraging their core business to accelerate transformational positive impacts.

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