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June Newsletter

By Vidhisha Masrani  |  
June 10, 2021  |  
3 minutes read


After years of research and working with industry clients and experts we found that approaching Purpose, CSR, ESG and the UN SDGs separately doesn’t really work; impact needs a more holistic lens. At Maanch we decided to tackle the issue head on. We’re delighted to share our new advisory services based on Net Societal Impact (NSI): a 360-degree approach to embedding impact in a company’s decision-making process. This informs our vision to create integrated tech solutions for automating how impact data is captured, analysed and reported. 

In this newsletter, we talk about strategies for creating sustainable businesses through Net Societal Impact. We also highlight our work with a leading coffee company on creating a more sustainable and transparent supply chain, and provide more information on NSI as a framework for achieving Net Impact for businesses. 

Five Strategies for creating Sustainable Businesses 

Businesses can’t succeed in a failing society. 21st century companies need to deliver shared value – that means doing well and doing good. Shareholder primacy as a concept has become obsolete and stakeholder power is here to stay. In this dynamic environment where companies are expected to do more and be of more value to society, are they ready? Continue reading.

How a Coffee Company Measured their Impact across value chains

Caffé Carlito is a second generation family run coffee roasting business located in Ticino, Switzerland. They are the official supplier to the Michelin Guide. We first met the founders of Caffé Carlito in Davos. Unlike many companies that have rushed out their sustainability agenda, Caffé Carlito has been careful not to make promises without considering how they will make these a reality. It therefore makes sense that one of their first priorities relates to transparency of the supply chain. Continue reading.

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In Spotlight

Supporting the Deaf Community in Scotland through the Covid-19 Crisis
By: Deaf Action

Action: £50 will provide one session of BSL counselling.

Help 800 vulnerable children and families to stay safe and healthy during the Coronavirus crisis
By: Child’s – I Foundation

Action: £10 will provide a mask, gloves, hand sanitiser and a temperature gun for a social worker to make a safe visit to a vulnerable family.

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