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August Newsletter

By Vidhisha Masrani  |  
August 13, 2021  |  
3 minutes read


We are shifting to a new paradigm of stakeholder capitalism and responsible business. This fast evolving environment has resulted in inflated expectations while delivery capabilities are struggling to catch up; be this fragmented data, standards or delivery processes. The recently released IPCC report stresses the urgency of action required by highlighting that “the world is now living through climate change, not watching it draw near.” 

In this newsletter, we are proud to release our latest report on the Net Societal Impact (NSI) framework for sustainable businesses. We also talk about sustainable investments and the importance of engagement and stewardship in investment management. This is timely in light of the recent regulations on demonstrating impact in accordance with the FCA guidelines. Happy reading!  

Net Societal Impact: Responsible and Ambitious Growth  

Growth and capital will follow companies that create value in the long-term for all stakeholders. Long-term value creation requires an impact strategy backed by effective communication, processes and systems which enable successful execution, and demonstrate tangible impact through measurement, reporting and a coherent narrative.

Net Societal Impact is the most effective system for businesses to:

  • Have a full overview of all the positive and negative environmental and social impacts of their business. 
  • Create short and long-term sustainability strategies.  
  • Gain targeted insights into how to become and stay net positive. 

To learn more, download the full report:

Regulating Engagement: Demonstrating Impact in Accordance with the FCA guidelines

Consumers are placing significant value on ESG-related investment opportunities. It is therefore essential that funds marketed with a sustainability and ESG focus describe their investment strategies clearly and any assertions made about their goals are reasonable and substantiated. The letter by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) specifically highlights the value of stewardship in demonstrating ESG strategy as part of an important intervention designed to build greater trust in the ESG market. Continue reading. 

ESG Engagement in Investment Management: The corporate perspective

Following our recent blog post concerning investor ESG engagement, we at Maanch wanted to look at the “other side”. This blog therefore digs deep into the corporate perspective, outlining our insights into how corporations best manage their engagements with investors. Amidst the pandemic, the need for corporates to fully integrate ESG into their everyday operations has only been further emphasised. Continue reading. 

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