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September Newsletter

By Vidhisha Masrani  |  
September 15, 2021  |  
2 minutes read


Stewardship (or engagement) concerns the responsible oversight of capital to generate long-term impact returns across the ESG spectrum. The PRI defines stewardship as “the use of influence by institutional investors to maximise overall long-term value including the value of common economic, social and environmental assets, on which returns and clients’ and beneficiaries’ interests depend.”

In this newsletter, we talk about the growing importance of regulation in engagement and our role in enabling asset managers to make it optimal. We at Maanch are working on a tool for investors to more effectively log engagements and measure their impact in accordance with the 2020 UK Stewardship Code. If you are an investor or asset manager, contact us to know more. 

Regulating Engagement: Demonstrating Impact in Accordance with the 2020 Stewardship Code 

In the last decade, the investment market has seen significant changes in approaches to ESG and stewardship. By actively managing capital across sustainability themes, geographies and industries, investors are able to effectively generate positive economic, environmental and societal benefits. With an increased emphasis on climate change and social factors, in addition to governance, investors are ramping up their stewardship and as such, minimising systemic risks. Continue reading. 

Beyond the Sustainable Development Goals

A prominent discussion in today’s complex world of impact is: “Are the UN SDGs enough to guide the world towards a sustainable future?” The answer is both yes and no. The UN SDGs cover more ground than other impact frameworks i.e. they are universal and apply to all countries irrespective of its size, demographics and GDP. They span across 3 dimensions of sustainable development that are interrelated and co-dependent. Continue reading.

Charity Spotlight

Creating Open Resources to Help Refugees to Reach University
By: Mosaik Education

Donate:  £750 will provide funds to update one of the eight modules in the guidance programme.

Rescue and reintegration of women with mental illness
By: Disability And Development Partners

Donate: £55 will provide the cost of rescuing one woman and admitting her to the transit centre. 

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