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Accelerating Philanthropic Impact through the Maanch Funder Questionnaire

By Team Maanch  |  
November 2, 2021  |  
3 minutes read

At Maanch, we are delighted to announce the release of our new Funder Questionnaire! Aimed at individual funders, this new feature will allow us to identify what type of funder you are to then match you with the most suitable projects for you to support. 

Head or Heart?

Following our  research, we concluded that most charitable decisions were motivated by two different approaches: we rely on our hearts and personal attachments or we choose to  use a logical  and rational approach. 

If you are more heart-driven, you are said to be ‘right-brained’. This side of your brain is associated with intuition, impulsiveness and thoughtfulness when making decisions. As such, you are more likely to follow your gut feeling when deciding which charity to support. If you are more ‘head’ driven, you rely more on the left side of your brain, which is associated with analytics, objectivity and deliberation. You don’t just pursue emotional goals, but wish to allocate your donations as strategically as possible, in order to create systemic changes and have a global impact. Comprehending these different motivations is not only helpful to map out the differences in giving practices, but it also helps us to further understand your personal preferences and translate this into a dashboard solution. The end goal is to maximise the impact of your donations.

What type of Funder are you?

As a result of this research, we’ve created a unique Funder Questionnaire specifically designed to help you discover what type of Funder you are! By completing this questionnaire, you get the tools to start your giving journey, and it helps us provide the best possible individualised giving experience. Each funder type has its own specific characteristics based on its motivations, desired impact and experience in giving. Based on these unique funder types, we will provide you with the most suitable projects, a way to track and trace each donation and an overview of your overall impact so that you also get the most out of your giving experience. Beyond this, you will learn more about the varied ways in which people give and where you belong in this eclectic and diverse spectrum of existing altruistic motivations.  

The Maanch approach to Giving

As a holistic impact-platform for philanthropy, we apply our own combined approach to giving by unifying the impact of institutional funders, companies, investors and social enterprises. Maanch provides the ideal middle ground between emotional and strategic giving. We provide a wide variety of projects and charities addressing pressing issues whilst also using technology and data to measure and verify that each donation is used effectively. Whether you are interested in systemic changes or personal causes, Maanch has the solutions. 

Make sure to complete our Funder Questionnaire to join a community of like-minded people whilst gaining a deeper understanding of your donations’ impact and making sure it is aligned with your philanthropic strategy. 

Blog by Maanch team member Sarah Georg.

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