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August Newsletter

By Naeem Ali  |  
August 16, 2022  |  
2 minutes read

Hi there, 

We believe embedding sustainability is an opportunity for businesses to create greater value for clients and stakeholders. We at Maanch work towards truly embedding impact in our client’s decision-making process, through our methodology to technology approach. On one hand, we offer boutique sustainability consulting services, where we assume the role of an in-house sustainability team. On the other hand, we build technological solutions for optimising ESG assessment and sustainability measurement.

In this light, we are excited to announce that we have upgraded our website to portray these enhanced solutions with optimised user experience. We have also spruced up our messaging to express our DNA and the value we bring to our clients and to the world – Now get your #SustainabilityMeasured with Maanch.

Read on to learn about our solutions! 

ESG Engagement Software for Asset Managers & Investors

Introducing the Engagement Tracker tool, an ESG Engagement Tracking Software to help investors optimise the ESG engagement process. It automates data capture, analysis and reporting of all engagements with portfolio companies– resulting in time and cost efficiencies. 

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ESG & Sustainability Advisory for Companies

Our holistic offerings in ESG & Sustainability focus on empowering our clients to embed sustainability across all the business touch points. We enable our clients to move beyond business-as-usual into accelerated impact that creates true value for business, society and the planet. 

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