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White Paper Examines Global Asset Managers’ Stewardship Reports and Recommends Data-Driven Approaches

By Amrit Kaur  |  
March 14, 2023  |  
2 minutes read

London, UK – Maanch, an award-winning ESG engagement technology platform provider, has released a comprehensive white paper that delves into the stewardship reports published by more than 40 diverse asset management firms from six different countries around the world.

The paper emphasises the critical role that forward-looking metrics, technology, and industry-recognised frameworks play in enhancing transparency and accountability in the investment industry.

The paper offers various recommendations for asset managers to strengthen their stewardship practices such as:

  • Adopt a dedicated technology platform to capture all ESG engagements in one place and enable the creation of sophisticated analytics and reports.
  • Create simpler and more standardised ways to track and report on social issues, for example, around mental health metrics, diversity, equality & inclusion (DE&I) monitoring or health and safety reporting.
  • Establish clearly defined and standardised stewardship objectives and KPIs across the industry (for example, aligning reporting standards with the principles of the 2020 UK Stewardship Code)

According to the report, an integrated technology and data-driven approach can help both mitigate regulatory risks and catalyse commercial opportunities in terms of appealing to discerning investors wanting more credible data on a firm’s approach to ESG.

The paper provides invaluable insights for asset managers seeking to optimise their ESG engagement strategy and stewardship practices.

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