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Celebrating 5 Years!

By Team Maanch  |  
May 31, 2023  |  
2 minutes read

Five years ago, five people sat on the floor in a humble abode in Mumbai, united by a vision to make sustainability non-negotiable.

That’s how Maanch began.

Today, the Maanch Engagement Tracker empowers clients with over £200bn AuM to manage their stewardship activities effectively. And we continue to strive every day to deliver ever more innovative solutions to help financial services firms have a more positive impact on people and the planet.

As an entrepreneur navigating the trials and tribulations of the last five years, I’ve learned a huge amount.

Here’s a rundown of Maanch’s journey so far.

From back of envelope sketch to Start-Up of the Year

Intent constructs reality! Maanch started as an idea to harness financial data to create a more sustainable future, and for our early innovation, we won the “Startup of the Year” award by Infosys.

Building our lineup of top talent

Many hands, one vision! We tripled our team of ESG, finance, tech, and data innovation specialists and laid the solid foundations for future growth.

Navigating COVID’s troubles and bubbles

Pivot = change in strategy without a change in vision! We launched our philanthropic solution in Jan 2020, we turned a challenge into an opportunity and pivoted to focus on B2B asset management.

When the going gets tough…

…hang in there! Global conflict posed a challenge, not least to our Ukrainian Head of Product, but we remained resolute as we continued to invest in building out our products’ core features.

The plan starts coming together with some big wins

Challenges can’t impede progress when you have a compelling offer! Despite recession setbacks, we launched Maanch Engagement Tracker and expanded our user base by 5x.

Accelerating our growth path

Winning the prestigious Investment Association’s Engine Award has opened many doors and given us intel to augment our technical know-how and accelerate our path to growth.

We are on the precipice of growth, and we have never been more ready!🚀

I am so grateful to the Maanch team, advisors, investors, clients and the entire network for being an integral part of this journey and I look forward to uncovering even bigger wins in the years ahead and truly embedding stewardship at the heart of financial decision making.

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