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Navigating Your Switch: Top Considerations for Selecting an Engagement Tracking Solution

By Team Maanch  |  
May 16, 2024  |  
5 minutes read

Choosing the right engagement tracking solution can significantly enhance your firm’s investment stewardship capabilities. Effective engagement tracking can drive better decision-making, compliance, and performance. As you prepare to meet potential providers, focusing on key functionalities and innovations will help ensure your selection aligns with both current needs and future growth.

Data Management:

Effective data management is the cornerstone of any engagement tracking solution. Ensure the platform can adeptly handle vast datasets with precision. Effective data management should offer seamless aggregation, processing, and retrieval capabilities to support informed decision-making. Check if the solution can support easy data migration from your current system.

Digital dashboard displaying data analytics and charts for effective data management

Engagement Tracking:

The primary function of these solutions is to track engagements comprehensively. Evaluate the depth of engagement tracking offered. Does the platform capture all forms of communication and interaction? Can it log meetings, calls, and emails? Look for robust tools that provide a detailed timeline of all interactions. This functionality should enable clear tracking of communications, meetings, and outcomes, ensuring accountability and enhancing engagement strategies.

Voting Capabilities:

The ability to manage and record your voting activities is essential. Opt for solutions that facilitate straightforward voting processes and integrate these results into broader engagement efforts. The solution should allow you to link your voting records, with related interactions as well as track rationale, and generate reports on voting activities. This feature is vital for maintaining transparency and accountability in your stewardship activities. If you are a UK Based firm check if the firm will enable reporting to the revised Vote Reporting Disclosures due to be released. 

Reporting Features:

Detailed and customisable reporting is crucial. The solution should offer a variety of reporting options to meet different needs. Look for platforms that provide real-time reporting, custom report generation, and easy-to-read dashboards. These features will help you analyse engagement data effectively and present it to stakeholders in a meaningful way.

Integration Capabilities:

Compatibility with existing systems is crucial. Select software that integrates smoothly with your current platforms to maintain operational continuity and data integrity. Besides, also analyse what connected data-sets would be needed and if the solution has capacity to integrate other data points via APIs etc.. This will ensure that data flows seamlessly across platforms, reducing the risk of data silos and enhancing overall efficiency.

Security & Compliance:

Ensure the solution complies with relevant regulations and standards, such as GDPR for European clients. Look for features like data encryption, secure access controls, and regular security audits. These measures protect sensitive information and maintain compliance with industry standards. Prioritise solutions that adhere to the latest security protocols and compliance standards. This will safeguard sensitive data and align with industry regulations.

User Experience:

A user-friendly interface can significantly impact adoption rates and efficiency. Ensure the solution is intuitive, with a clear layout and accessible features that facilitate daily tasks.

Technical Support:

Reliable technical support is a crucial aspect, especially during early days. Ensure the provider offers comprehensive support services, multi-channel support options, and option of a dedicated account manager. Good technical support can make a significant difference in resolving issues quickly and maintaining smooth operations.

Training & Resources:

Effective training resources are essential for maximising the benefits of any new platform. Evaluate the quality and availability of training provided to facilitate a smooth transition and ongoing user competence. Look for platforms that offer training materials, webinars, and user guides. Additionally, consider if providers can offer customised training sessions to help your team get up to speed quickly.


As your organisation grows, so will your engagement tracking needs. Choose a platform that can scale with your operations. The solution should handle increasing data volumes and user numbers without performance degradation. Scalability ensures long-term viability and cost-effectiveness.

Cost Effectiveness:

Budget is always a key consideration. Evaluate the total cost, including subscription fees, implementation costs, and ongoing maintenance. Compare these costs with the potential benefits and savings the platform offers. The goal is to find a solution that delivers maximum value for your investment. Consider both the initial costs and the long-term value of potential platforms. An effective solution should offer a balance between robust features and a reasonable pricing structure.

Innovation & Updates:

Technology evolves rapidly. Future-proof your investment by choosing a provider who demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and regular updates, ensuring you stay at the forefront of engagement technology. Regular updates and new features indicate a proactive approach to meeting evolving industry needs. Ensure the platform stays current with the latest advancements in engagement tracking technology.

Customer Service:

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, outstanding customer service is essential for a successful partnership with your engagement tracking solution provider. Evaluate the provider’s responsiveness, professionalism, and willingness to understand your unique needs. Check for availability of dedicated support teams, regular check-ins, and feedback loops to ensure continuous improvement. Exceptional customer service can greatly enhance your experience, providing peace of mind and ensuring your platform meets your evolving requirements.


Selecting a new engagement tracking solution is a strategic decision that impacts your firm’s ability to operate effectively and meet regulatory demands. By prioritising these key considerations, you can make an informed choice that enhances your asset management capabilities and supports your long-term goals.

About Maanch:

Maanch is a leading provider of investment stewardship and ESG advisory solutions. Our award-winning Maanch Engagement Tracker (ET) helps asset managers enhance transparency, accountability, and impact. With clients managing over £250 billion in AuM, Maanch is dedicated to delivering innovative technology solutions for a sustainable and prosperous future.For more information, visit Maanch.

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