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From Passive to Active Stewardship: Escalation Strategies that Drive Transparency and Accountability

The Power of Active Stewardship and Escalation Strategies | Maanch

Read More March 26, 2024

Impact Attribution in Stewardship: Steering Towards Measurable Outcomes

Explore the crucial role of impact attribution in stewardship. Dive into strategies for measuring and enhancing the effectiveness of stewardship activities to achieve meaningful, measurable outcomes.

Read More March 19, 2024

Leading the Way: Effective Reporting Strategies for the UK Stewardship Code Signatories

Explore effective reporting strategies for UK Stewardship Code signatories in 2024. Discover key guidance from the FRC and best practices. Learn how technology like Maanch Engagement Tracker can enhance stewardship reporting enhance transparency, accountability, and value creation for asset managers and owners

Read More March 13, 2024

The Evolution of Stewardship in Asset Management:  Bridging Gaps and Streamlining Processes

Explore the transformation of stewardship in asset management. Discover strategies to bridge data gaps, streamline ESG processes, and the benefits of adopting technological solutions.

Read More March 6, 2024

Join our Webinar on Navigating Stewardship in 2024!

🖥️ Join Maanch’s exclusive webinar on 23/04/2024 at 2:00 PM UK Time, “Navigating Stewardship in 2024: Unveiling Trends for Data-Driven Stewardship.”

RSVP NOW March 5, 2024

Preparing for the 2024 Proxy Season: A Strategic Guide for Responsible Investing

Navigate the 2024 Proxy Season with actionable insights on ESG engagements, regulatory compliance, and leveraging technology.

Read More February 29, 2024