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Systemic Stewardship: Universal Ownership and Strategic Potential for Sustainable Futures

What is Systemic Stewardship? Systemic stewardship builds upon traditional notions of stewardship by emphasising the […]

Read More May 10, 2024

A Comprehensive Overview: “The Varieties of Investor Stewardship” Event

Leaders in investor stewardship convene at Bush House to redefine the future of responsible investment, focusing on sustainability, governance, and the transformative impact of technology.

Read More May 2, 2024

Risk, Return and Real World Impact: Redefining Stewardship for Gen Z Demands

Unpacking Gen Z’s Impact on Investments: Dive into how transparency, sustainability, and modern digital tools like Maanch are defining the future of finance. #InvestmentTrends #GenZ #ESG

Read More April 26, 2024

Car Free Cities & its Implications on Climate Crisis

There’s a problem and it’s hiding in plain sight in our cities. Can you spot […]

Read More December 15, 2020

Grants to look out for: funding opportunities currently available

We’ve put together a Christmas list of some funding opportunities we’ve come across over the […]

Read More December 15, 2020

Philanthropy: How to ensure that good intentions translate into positive outcomes

Much like an entrepreneurial business, philanthropy is a journey of testing, learning and adapting. Whilst […]

Read More December 10, 2020

National Tree Week and the UN SDGs – How to tackle climate change, one tree at a time

This National Tree Week, we wanted to acknowledge the part tree planting has to play […]

Read More November 30, 2020

How to Reallocate Capital for Impact?

2020 might just be that watershed year that redefines the impact ecosystem. The pandemic has […]

Read More November 12, 2020

Darshita Gillies of Maanch recognised as Meaningful Business 100 Leader for 2020

Award recognises outstanding business leaders, across the world, who are combining profit and purpose to […]

Read More October 21, 2020